What makes KFC so good?

KFC Cayman Quality

Our Quality

  • We bread it by hand. Prepared fresh throughout the day.
  • Our secret recipe. Colonel's blend of 11 herbs & spices.
  • Great chicken. We use the highest quality USDA & KFC International approved chicken.
  • Trained cooks. Tender care that makes it so good.
  • Always fresh, hot & juicy. Our passion for that great craveable taste.

All of these things make KFC So Good!

Our Recipe

KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders first perfected KFC's Original Recipe more than 60 years ago in Kentucky. To this day, KFC's Original Recipe is one of the world’s most coveted secret recipes made with 11 herbs and spices.


At KFC, we take great pride and care to provide you with the best food and dining experience in the quick service restaurant business.

We believe eating sensibly, combined with appropriate exercise, is the best solution for a healthy lifestyle. KFC offers a variety of menu items for those that want lower fat, lower calorie choices. To help you further, we've provided nutritional information so you can make informed choices about what to eat.

On the go? Download and print the PDF versions of the KFC Nutrition Guide and KFC Ingredient Statement.

KFC Nutrition Guide (PDF) - KFC Ingredient Statement (PDF)